“Wait vs Rate” – The Great Debate!

Have you noticed your clients “sitting on a pole” waiting for the tide to go out?  Sure – the correct statement would be “sitting on the fence” waiting for prices to continue to fall? Houston area Realtors representing buyers in the Houston Texas market are well aware of the effects that waiting to purchase will have on the housing recovery throughout Texas.

But – the real question is whether home buyers understand the “true cost” of money and how waiting to purchase a home will negatively impact their overall “wealth position” in the long run as interest rates increase?  

It is true that a 1% increase in interest rates negates a 10% decrease in the price of the home as the payment will be the same each month today versus waiting for home prices to fall (“click” on Chart below and view highlight in yellow).


Even if prices decrease 10% and interest rates increase by as little as ¼%, you lose!  Why miss out? The cost to wait will end up costing so much more in the end – thus negatively impacting your family’s “wealth position” as you amortize your mortgage over a 15, 20 or 30 year period!

The point is clear – Now is the time to buy!  Rates are expected to go up and prices are at or almost at their bottom.  Rental prices are increasing.  In 78% of the Country is it cheaper to own than rent.  It’s a buyers’ market but deals won’t last.

If you don’t believe the numbers above, check out the following publications (print date) that have recently published articles to substantiate the above:

Well informed Realtors understand the great impact on “Wait vs Rate” and have shared this information with their buyers. Now is the time to buy!

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There’s an App for that – Loan App!

Today, there seems to be an App for everything. You “think” it and I am sure you can find it. Whether it is a FREE App or a Paid App – there’s an App for that!

The transformation of how we communicate to our Houston home buying clients is crystal clear. However, I’m not sure we have all adjusted our business model to mirror the paradigm shift we have seen in our culture?

Technology continues to rapidly advance — so much has moved or is moving to the Smartphone to include the iPhone, Blackberry or Droid. For those that utilize the iPad, there’s an App for that as well.

The Houston area real estate and mortgage professionals need to represent and embrace the changing communication methods of those Houston home buyers we serve. If you are a Realtor in the Houston market and you have not kept up with the latest in technology, chances are that you do not have the proper “tools” in your “tool box” to be effective and efficient in your business for your Houston home buying clients.

I have discovered a great “power tool” for your Smartphone that is FREE and will “empower” you with information for your clients when showing property this weekend. Its called LoanAppDid I mention that it is FREE?

Q: When showing property, how often do your clients ask“what will my monthly payment be on this home”? I have great news! There is an App for that!

Yes – there is an App to “empower” you with the answer to this question and it’s as close to you as the Smartphone attached to your person. LoanApp makes you the instant “on the spot” expert to your Houston home buyers in need of a quick, clear answer.

LoanApp is a FREE “power” tool to enhance your Houston real estate business and provide you with up to date mortgage interest rate and payment information for your Texas home buying clients on your Smartphone.

Simply go to the App Store and download the FREE LoanApp to your Smartphone today. You will be glad you did.

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Download to your Smartphone – “click on an App link below”

To keep track of current Houston Texas Mortgage Interest Rates, be sure to download our Smartphone App

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